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Fan Mail for "Escanaba in Da Moonlight" ...

Escanaba In Da MoonlightHilarious show! If you don't see it, you are a fudge sucking troll....
~ Joshua S. via FaceBook, May/June 2011


If I wasn't booked for the rest of their performances, I would have gone again... just to see what else might happen to them all, unexpectedly...:)
~ Barbara A. via FaceBook, May/June 2011


Congrats to the Escanaba crew~ You guys were fantastic!
~ Kate W. via FaceBook, May/June 2011

Want to be a Yooper? Go see Small Pond Productions' "Escanaba in da Moonlight" - Holy Wha! It's da most hilarious! Bert Torsey, Rich Booth, Jonathan Flower, Bubba Delawless, and Bryan Hebert II (and a cameo by Maria Weidman-Muskus) - all directed by Traci Booth (check out her shoes!) - were absolutely drop-dead, knee-slappin' hee-hawin' guffawin' funny! I laughed so hard my sides hurt (and that Rich sings one awesome spiritual!). There's another cameo - in print. Check the program. Whose Mama's dat in da diner ad? I know...
~ Mia M. via FaceBook, May/June 2011

Awesome performance today, everyone! So glad I came to see it!!
~ Christy W. via FaceBook, May/June 2011


Escanaba in da Moonlight - thoroughly entertaining! Great job.
~ Debbie P. via FaceBook, May/June 2011


Loved the show....havent laughed that hard in long time!
~ Carole C. via FaceBook, May/June 2011



The husband of our FOR REAL YOOPER Pat M. was in the office today and thanked us for the pic's with the cast, he said Pat LOVES them. He then went on to say "that was some performance, it did not seem like the actors were acting but that the audience was looking thru a window" KUDO'S GUYS that is extremely high praise and YOU ALL deserve it Mamma is PROUD!!!!!!


Carrie KiddFan Mail for "Blithe Spirit" ...

We really enjoyed the show! What fun! Thanks, everyone!!!
~ Cynthia R. via FaceBook, October 2011

Great show last night. Thanks!
~ Dean E. via FaceBook, October 2011


What a fun show! Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks to cast and crew ...
~ Vesta H. via FaceBook, October 2011

The Glass MenagerieFan Mail for "The Glass Menagerie" ...

Well, Y'all! I have seen Small Pond Productions' "The Glass Menagerie" twice and Traci, Chris, Amber and Bryan are just fabulous, and I mean fabulous. If you haven't seen it, it's not too late - there's a show tonight at 8PM and a matinee tomorrow at 2PM. Bravo to you for fantastic directing, Rich! Break a leg to all tonight!!
~Maria M. via FaceBook, June 2011


Dinner with K... at the Thai Garden, a quality version of "The Glass Menagerie" featuring an excellent performance by Traci Booth, and drinks and appetizers afterwards with good friends that I need to make a point to spend more time with. :-)
~David F. via Face Book, June 2011

Fan Mail for "A Christmas Carol - The Musical" ... Foreground: Ray Mahoney
Background (l-r): Chris McCartie, Don Nelson, Leah Varney, Kay Lucius, Henry Parkhurst, Ray Mahoney, Donna Schauer, Forrest Surprenant, John Mangiapane and Maria Muskus

Congratulations on an outstanding performance of A Christmas Story.This was our first visit but it wont be our last.
Please put us on your mailing list.
~ Byron and Cynthia N. - Hancock, NH, E-mail received 12/04/2010



I just attended your production of "A Christmas Carol", it was FABULOUS! Amber Harris, a friend of mine, had invited me and I was so glad that I was able to attend. Could you please put me on your mailing list? I would also like to reserve 2 tickets for your production of "Menagerie". Do you have dates and times yet for that performance? Again - I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to attending more of your productions.
Merry Christmas!
~ Victoria C., E-mail received 12/06/2010


Bravo!! Why wasn't this made into a musical years and years ago? Gorgeous production! Certainly put me in the holiday mood. Worth every penny and more just to see Henry's (Parkhurst) facial expressions!
~ Vesta H., FaceBook comment 12/5/2010

Fan Mail for "The Crucible" ... The Crucible

To the Editor ...

Congratulations to Small Pond Productions' cast and crew for the outstanding job presenting Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" here in Marlborough. To see the Community House chock a block full of people enjoying a classic was truly inspiring. Awesome cast and crew. Well done Small Pond Productions."
~Kim S. of Marlborough, NH published in the Keene Sentinel 10/19/07


Dear Small Pond Community,
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Friday night's performance of "The Crucible." I was pleased to see that young girls played age appropriate parts. The dialogue was rich and delivered with such great emotion I found myself forgetting this was a play but felt I had been transported back in history into a slice of New England history. In addition, I recognized faces, but that familiarity soon vanished once the character emerged.

The costumes were impressive and reflected the simple, stark and practical "no frill" life these people endured.

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend such wonderful productions created by the passionate members of the Monadnock theater groups and Small Pond is one of my favorites.

I know you will continue to present quality theater for all of us who love live theater.

To paraphrase a quote I once heard from an author I do not remember (that is why I do not perform;-) , "Live Theater is an art...movies are just film, and TV is a piece of furniture."

Bravo to you all.
~Carol E. S., Keene, NH, email received 10/7/07